Download now MyCashmatic, the CASHMATIC app for remote control of your cash point

The exclusive advantages of MyCashmatic include:

  • One app to monitor all your cash points, even across multiple points of sale
  • Real-time automatic notifications to check, approve or deny any sensitive operation at the cash point (e.g. withdrawals, zeroing, deposits, transactions)
  • Constant monitoring of cash fund levels
  • Management and control of withdrawals and refills
  • Operational details and details on the health status of the device and its peripherals
  • Trend graphs of receipts and automatic cash register closing reports

MyCashmatic will revolutionise the management and control of your cash point.

The new app by CASHMATIC provides real-time information and notifications on every action - more or less sensitive - that takes place at the SelfPay checkouts.

The SelfPay range of cash dispensers is the family of cash dispensers or change drawers that automates cash handling. They improve point-of-sale hygiene, eliminate errors and shortages, and offer you an overall increase in productivity by optimising checkout handling times.

And now, thanks to the MyCashmatic app, you can devote yourself exclusively to your business thanks to this new ally that will allow you to have full control over the most valuable asset of your business: your proceeds.

MyCashmatic is already available in the Play Store and App Store for € 9.90 per month; for new activations, the first month is free.

Download it now!