Choosing a Cashmatic system for your retail means transforming the entire payment process of your business by making it more reliable, easier and faster.

Think about it: paying, especially in cash, is a set of automatic gestures, which are taken for granted in everyday life.

In the exchange of money there are many critical issues that fall on your business; the positive news is that these issues are not insurmountable, indeed they can be easily eliminated thanks to Cashmatic solutions.

Why choose a
Cashmatic automatic checkout machine?

They guarantee a higher level of security against robberies and counterfeit money.

They increase the hygiene standards of the service offered in the store, avoiding the contact between money, customer and cashier.

They automate the payment process, eliminating change errors and cash shortages.


There is a Cashmatic system suitable for every type of retail

Retailers are not all the same each one has specific needs to satisfy and problems to solve.

From small shops to Mass Retail, from automated cash payment management to complete self-payment: the Cashmatic range of solutions responds to the need of a market segmentation based on functional and performance criteria, as well as cost.


A whole range
of solutions for your retail

Through a real consultancy service, we guide you in purchasing the Cashmatic solution that best suits your business, considering both the specific functional and performance needs and the cost criterion.

We help you to make the optimal choice from all points of view, to guarantee you a profitable and economically efficient investment.


The Cashmatic design combines aesthetics and functionality

Cashmatic solutions are compact and versatile. They can be easily installed on existing counters without the need for renovations.

They are designed to facilitate customer and operator use, speeding up all the stages of the payment process: from inserting coins to managing money.

The white colour, which characterises the entire range, adapts and harmonises in all contexts, conveying an idea of hygiene and cleanliness.

The separate parts of coin and banknote acceptor and distributor are easy to find. The large display is always visible and assists the customer in all the payment stages.