We imagine a retail where money no longer passes from hand to hand and the payment process is completely reinvented, to solve the problems of owners, store attendants and customers.

Reshaping the
payment processes

We want to automate the cash point: from cash management to complete self-payment. We want to respond to the needs of every retailer with a range of simple, compact, reliable, secure and customizable solutions.


Our values

Entrepreneurial spirit:
from entrepreneurs to entrepreneurs.

We are first of all entrepreneurs. Cashmatic systems work because they are designed in the first place to solve the cash management problems that we experience in our business on a daily basis, and only in the second place to be sold.
Entrepreneurial experience feeds our entrepreneurial spirit. We do not simply offer products, we offer practical and effective solutions, because they are personally tested by our professional and entrepreneurial experience.

the ability to understand you immediately.

Just like you, we know what it's like to run a business. We are aware of the daily practices and needs in managing payments and cash flows. We know there are small but big obstacles that are part of your routine and that you think are insurmountable. But we also know that there is a way to make your business simpler and more profitable: questioning traditional payment processes and innovating them. We at Cashmatic are here to remind you this.

from problem to customized solutions.

We started with a problem in the management of money and payments and we worked hard to develop not a single solution, but a whole range signed Cashmatic. Many call it problem-solving, for us it is simply a practical approach to work. For this reason, we do not get lost in chatter and go straight to the point, concentrating on offering the best solution that is right for you: effective and reliable, able to simplify your daily work processes.

Our human dimension:
the way we work.

We are proud to maintain our human dimension and let it guide us in our way of doing business and working. Our cultural features of hospitality, extroversion and human warmth translate into an attitude of exchange and openness with the customer.
We also like to feel good at work, because we can count on competent people who make things go right.

Customer orientation:
constant listening and care.

We don't just offer you a solution for managing your cash points. We also offer a consultancy service to guide you in choosing the most suitable solution for your business and a continuous after-sales service. Our goal is to help you manage your payment processes more efficiently. To do this, we first listen to your needs, then we take care of them. We respond quickly to your requests and create customised solutions for you. You can constantly count on Cashmatic for your money management.

Market orientation:
a continuous evolution.

Cashmatic is a conscious reality. The evolution is made of a critical analysis of what we are and the products we offer in relation to the evolution of the market and the needs of our customers.
We have not the presumption of calling ourselves “market leaders”, but we have the ambition to be the “first movers”, the innovators of the market.

Product orientation: our added value.

We take care of every aspect of our payment systems: from research in machines' design to user-friendly display interfaces.
For us, functionality and aesthetics are two sides of the same coin.
Cashmatic solutions are simple to use and to integrate in your store.
But above all they are economic, meaning that they are economically efficient because they are commensurate with your real needs.

Our history

The company was born in 2012 from the need to solve problems related to the daily management of money. As a result of the direct experience of two entrepreneurs operating in the entertainment industry and service sector, Cashmatic offers retailers practical and effective solutions to shortages, counterfeit money, errors in general, security and hygiene.


The product was born even before the company. Indeed, even before the product, at the origin of everything, there is a problem to be solved.


With their solution, Alessandro and Stelvio found a market gap, or rather a real green-field in which to venture.


In this way, after the product, the Cashmatic company was finally born. The two partners decided to really embark on this adventure that began almost by chance.
This is the year of formalisation, which is realised also through the creation of a distribution network throughout the national territory and abroad too.
Distribution network creation in France.


Distribution network creation in Spain


The company develops and structures itself, it internalises the Production and Research and Development departments, with the creation of a new establishment in Romagna.
In 2017, Alessandro and Stelvio ventured into Mass Retail: they began to build a commercial network and, at the same time, to develop specific solutions for this market segment.


Cashmatic continues its expansion: larger spaces are needed, for this reason it inaugurates the new headquarters in San Marino.
The company manages to develop its full range of payment systems.


This is the year of change for Cashmatic: the focus of the vision is moved forward, towards the future.
The new awareness of the company manifests itself also through the communication of its image.


Cashmatic develops its range through “families” of solutions,
that continue to evolve and grow.


Beyond our products

Behind the Cashmatic payment systems there is a business reality made up of people and relationships. Cashmatic's strength lies precisely in its human dimension.






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Reverse Desk Express

The team

The Cashmatic team is divided into four functional areas. All of them collaborate in the same direction, which is to provide effective automatic payment systems that respond to the different needs of customers; they are all driven by the same values and by the same passionate and accurate way of working.


the internal team is organized following a just-in-time order management logic. The team works to develop reliable and efficient solutions and this also means simplification of the production process. The team managed to obtain a modular assembly of the machines, which guarantees a simple, fast and effective process.

Research and Development:

the team, led by Alessandro, is responsible for writing the codes and developing the software and firmware that are the basis of Cashmatic systems. The goal is to make the solutions and their management ever more reliable and simpler, by understanding the needs and practical requests of retailers.

Commercial network:

the national and international commercial network takes care of identifying the needs of checkout operators and retailers, continuing the development of the company in a market-lead perspective. The team presents Cashmatic solutions in each area and offers consultancy service to retailers to better define their needs and the most suitable solution for them.


the team offers timely and free after-sales service available to end-customers and Cashmatic dealers, both in Italy and abroad.