Security in managing payments:
Cashmatic Selfpay 360 becomes an essential tool for the “Le Vele” restaurant.

“Le Vele” is a renowned restaurant specialized in fish cuisine in Bellaria-Igea Marina (Rimini), in the heart of the Romagna Riviera. Here the care and attention for the customer are perceptible in every aspect and make the atmosphere and the experience unique. It is no coincidence that, as reported with extreme precision by the chef and owner Mario Magnani, the restaurant has just turned 4 years old and has been equipped with a Cashmatic Selfpay 360 machine for 3 years and 9 months.

Born in 2016, “Le Vele” has become in a few years a point of reference for seafood lovers, thanks to the refined cuisine of chef Magnani, to the excellent-quality fish supplied daily by a fleet of trusted fishing boats and, last but not least, to the hygiene of the place.
“Tranquility is not a trivial matter. Thanks to Cashmatic Selfpay 360 I am stress-free because I don't make mistakes and I trust the people I work with. It is an investment that I would do again!”.

The owner's opinion
“Le Vele” is a welcoming and elegant place, where Mario Magnani manages 50 place settings and 6 employees, playing the dual role of chef and restaurant owner. For this reason, the main requirement in running his business is security and tranquillity in order to be able to carry out his work in the best possible way.

Care in the
service provided to the customer:

In a restaurant, it is important to guarantee the customer not only security, but also compliance with hygiene and health standards in all processes, including payment processes. For Chef Magnani, avoiding coming into contact with cash means to drastically reduce the risk of contamination.

With Cashmatic Selfpay 360 the customer is protected both from the point of view of the accuracy in change return, and from the point of view of hygiene and health.

Cash point management:

In a small restaurant, even the cash shortages or change errors that can occur on a daily basis weigh significantly on the year-end balance. Chef Magnani understood it right away and wanted to solve the problem promptly.

Cashmatic Selfpay 360 eliminates any margin of error and any cash shortages at the end of the day.

Employee trust:

Chef Magnani, as often happens to owners of small restaurants, finds himself having to split between managing the kitchen and the cash point. In this way, the chef maintains direct contact with the customer, but is unable to have constant control over the cash point. The chef needs to be able to trust his employees, free from worry or suspicion of any cash shortages at the end of the day.

With Cashmatic Selfpay 360 it is possible to maintain a peaceful relationship with employees, based on trust and transparency, avoiding the emergence of unpleasant situations.
Why choose

Chef Magnani got to know Cashmatic thanks to his network of contacts. What prompted him to continue choosing Cashmatic for his stores are two factors in particular:

The quality/price ratio,
which is the best on the market.

The reliability and presence of the after-sales service.

Why choose
Cashmatic 360?

Since the beginning of his business, Chef Magnani had a clear idea of ​​his needs and problems and the type of tool he needed.
Certainty of collection.

Cashmatic Selfpay 360 keeps track of all operations by interfacing directly with the management software. In addition, it secures the collection from any theft thanks to the non-opening drawer.
Efficiency and autonomy.

Cashmatic Selfpay 360 is one of the best solutions on the market to manage a moderate but variable daily cash flow, depending on time windows and days of the week, in a totally automated way. Cashmatic Selfpay 360 has a self-replenishing float amount that guarantees almost unlimited autonomy and speeds up the operations of cash point opening and closing.
After-sales assistance.

The Cashmatic team guarantees an excellent assistance service, which responds promptly to requests and resolves problems both remotely and on-site.