Visual Pay 27 and 32 are automated cashiers that follow the customer from the moment of product selection to the final payment method.


Visual Pay 27/32 is a modular and versatile system that allows retailers to configure their own Kiosk solution to be installed in their stores and to be made available to customers, who can easily choose, order and pay directly through Visual Pay.

    Visual Pay is the right solution for every type of retail, precisely because it lends itself to different configurations depending on the different accessories that go with it.
    Cashmatic has developed several proposals for configurations:
    for each of these, the user can decide which accessories to combine and purchase separately.
    Visual Pay in its basic version is a PC with a 27'' or 32'' screen, to which the desired accessories will then be combined to compose the solution that best suits the user's business needs.
height 170,9 cm
width 65,0 cm
depth 49,0 cm
height 177,9 cm
width 60,6 cm
depth 31,5 cm

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