Choose your
VisualPay 17 configuration

Choose your
VisualPay 17 configuration

Cashmatic VisualPay 17 is the most versatile solution among those designed by Cashmatic:
being configurable in multiple ways, lends itself perfectly as a main or secondary cash point of different commercial realities. This automatic cash machine incorporates all the solutions of Cashmatic. The VisualPay 17 configurations have been designed to accompany the end user from the moment of product selection to the payment, which can be either cash or electronic.

VisualPay 17 Desk

VisualPay 17 Self

VisualPay 17 Kiosk

VisualPay 17 Self Kiosk
Electronic payment
Cash payment
Mobile workstation
Integrated UPS
Integrated network switch
Fiscal printer
Non-fiscal printer
Barcode scanner
Universal POS support